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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can my spouse use the services and the membership card?

A:Yes, the yearly price is per couple (in the same household) and includes children under 18.

Q:If you send me a plumber do I pay through you or directly to them?

A:Wherever possible we will give you an estimate over the phone when we confirm the appointment and you pay the service provider directly.

Q:Is there anything you can’t do?

A:Anything illegal!We will endeavor to fulfill every request, however large or small. So far there has been nothing we have been unable to deal with.

Q:How can I be sure of the reliability of the people you recommend?

A:Each service provider comes highly recommended, either from our own experience or from recommendations of those we trust.We have a stringent rating system and if a service provider falls below a certain level they will be removed from the database.

Q:Can I use your services on behalf of my friends?

A:No.The membership is applicable only to the cardholder and their family.

Q:How involved do you get in each request?

A:The extent of our involvement depends entirely on the needs of the member, each case is different.For example if we are asked to help organise an event, we can simply recommend a reliable party planner and let you take it from there or we can liaise with the service provider and oversee the entire project on your behalf.

Q:If I have any problems with a product or service do I speak to The Caché Club or to the service provider directly?

A: You should speak to us and we will liaise with the service provider and do whatever we can to resolve any problem.

Q: What is included in the price of the membership fee?

A:Everything we do on the office for you is included – any bookings, advice, calls no matter how many times a day you call!The only time you are charged an additional fee is when we do anything outside the office on your behalf such as attend appointments, or pay bills on your behalf etc.

Q:Is there any limit to the amount I can use the service?

A: No.You can call us as often as you need and we will always be happy to help.

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